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Today I would like to write and give you more information about the website, where you can find amazing shoes from pumps to flats, sneakers, wedges, platforms etc. for such an amazing deal. So defintitely check this site out!

Here is my choice, so hopefully you will get inspired !

Booties with cut square heel – I absolutely adore these ones, beacuse of the square heel, they are absolutely unique and I can imagine wearing them with so many things!



Mettalic toe cup white pumps – at the first side, just simple white pumps but thanks to the mettal toe, it changes into something totally different. Only a small detail can help and your look will be flawless.



Navy blue pumps – blue is a new black in this case it is so true. Why not to change your classic black pumps for these amazing blue ones. Would not it be simple refreshing?



Low cut flats with metal studs – I just love studs, cannot help myslef! These are the prettiest flats I ever seen and the colour is just perfection.




Black quilted ballerinas – if you should choose only one pair that is timeless, it is probably this one. Comfortable, chic, and wearable with everything.





Leopard studded flats –  if you don´t have something with leopard, you are out and the best accessories with this print are according to me shoes,they don´t look cheap, on the other hand, you will change into a dangerous leopard:)



Cat loafers – shoes can be fun! This is an perfect example. Don´t be afraid to wear them! You can choose from different colours.




Studded wedges with bow – I absolutely love these ones, the colour, the shape, the design. Just a perfect pair for the spring and summer season. Isn´t the bow on the side just awesome?




Gorgeous open toe sandals – I know, some of you may think, isn´t it too much but believe me, not! You can have just simple outfit with neutral colours and wear it together with these sandlas, for those who are more adventurous, mix it with other prints.



Baby blue sandals – aren´t they the cutest thing you have ever seen? So elegant and you cannot go wrong with pastels this season!



Snakeskin shoes – these are just love. Those animal prints are so in at the moment and your outfit will be on another level ,when you add these beauties to your collection.



White sneakers – in my opinion, you can never have enough white shoes. These ones are just perfect, simple, interesting design and you can wear them with so many items, eg. with jeans, shorts or even dresses.


Příspěvek byl publikován v rubrice Nezařazené a jeho autorem je Hana Hanzalová. Můžete si jeho odkaz uložit mezi své oblíbené záložky nebo ho sdílet s přáteli.

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